Sustainability Content Library

A comprehensive library of beat365中文官方网站's sustainability reports, supplemental materials and videos.

2020 Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report (complete report)
Report Snapshot: Executive Summary
Report Snapshot: Goals & KPIs
Report Snapshot: Energy Transition
Report Snapshot: Environment
Report Snapshot: Governance
Report Snapshot: Stakeholders
Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Operating Companies' Reports

SDG&E Sustainability Strategy

Report Supplements

LNG and the Energy Transition (2019)
Natural Gas and the Energy Transition (2019)
Shaping the Future of Clean Transportation (2019)
EEI/AGA ESG Template (2020)
EEO-1 Report (2020)


Enabling the Energy Transition — 30 Seconds (2019)
Prioritizing Safety — 30 Seconds (2019)
Shaping the Future — 3 minutes (2019)


CDP Climate Change Questionnaire (2021)
CDP Water Questionnaire (2021)


Shaping the Future (2019)
Delivering Energy with Purpose (2018)
Sustainable Future (2017)
Sustainable Growth (2016)
People, Priorities and Performance (2015)